A Baptist Speaks Mongolian

preachingIt took a long time to get from box #1 to box #2 in the cartoon, and it took six months to get to box #1. First there was a private tutor, then language school, and then a private tutor again. I studied DAILY the whole time we were in Mongolia. The four sentences turned into a church. Each Sunday the lesson got longer and more people came, then I stepped out of the picture and started a second work. I was invited back to speak at Chinese Fellowship Church just before leaving Mongolia. While no one said out loud, “you received the gift of tongues”, there were Wows from those two Mongols who sat from the beginning and listened each Sunday as I struggled through a lesson. Tsitsik really said, “What happened to you!”, she had asked me many times to get an interpreter and now those words flowed for twenty long minutes.


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