A Baptist Asks a Question?

classThis past May, I visited the church where I was in confirmation class. Back then, I was 19 and my hair may have been a little longer. I opted out on the very last class. Pastor and I disagreed on too many scripture interpretations. As one who has translated scripture into other languages, I know the importance of the work. Pray for missionaries as they speak in a new tongue.


A Baptist Waits to Speak in Tongues

on holdA couple in our Sunday School class received the run-a-round about a purchase. The business would not honor the agreement. They returned and returned again. Frustration. As I sat in class my mind went to the drawing board. This is not from A Baptist Speaks in Tongues or doesn’t, but shows what just about everyone goes through some days with or without Prozac.

For those who tried to leave me a phone message, know about the different language options. Like the cartoon; pressing the key you want doesn’t get you English. Pray for missionaries as they share the Gospel in other languages.

A Baptist Speaks and Eats

ark (2)Not all the Brunsons ate these animals, but someone in our family ate one of these. Only one ate a termite (not pictured) and the one who ate dog is now a vegetarian. Hmmm? In Mongolia, we used yak butter, but never found yak on sale. The first night in Kenya we ate wart hog and later cooked zebra a few times (the other stripped meat). Chapter 66. Pray for missionaries as try new things in a new culture.

A Baptist Speaks About Others Who Spoke in a New Tongue

balaamThe disciples speaking in all those different languages on the day of Pentecost sounds so exciting. I used a little poetic license do draw Peter.

I am not sure which language the donkey spoke, maybe Moabitese, but not Hebrew since Balaam was not Hebrew. Your thoughts? If my donkey spoke, I would name him Grady. Always be in prayer for missionaries as they witness in another tongue.