A Guest Comments About Women #3 box

sexualDonna Legendre, Ed.D. LPC.: Sexual advances by a male minister can be seen as being “friendly” or “harmless” because he is only “taking care of his flock”; better go to the slaughter.


A Guest Comments About Women #2 box

#ask meDonna Legendre, Ed.D., LPC: Some people think even if a female minister has the same duties, and the same education, as that of a male counterpart, but is not married, she should not expect to make the same salary, because she does not have a family to take care of. (They also think that if she is married, then this would also apply because she is not thought to be the primary income earner.)

A Guest Comments on My Cartoon, box #1

sexualGuest: Donna Legendre, Ed.D. (Psychology and Counseling), LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).: Professor of a Pastoral Work class to me: “I will sign for you to take any class at seminary, other than mine.” Response: “I can’t do that because I will need everything you are teaching in my role as a chaplin.”