A Baptist Thinks He Speak English

footballChapter Thirty is called Football is Football. A preacher not speaking the local language wanted to compare soccer to football. So the word soccer was translated as football, then football was translated football which left the interpreter confused. How do you compare football to football? I enjoy both football and football. Notice the eye brows; I am not in this cartoon. 

This is a reminder to pray daily for England.

A Baptist Speaks About the Dark Side

death My goal from the beginning was to cartoon each of the 122 chapters of my book. While my writing and cartoon style is light humor, I think you can feel my heartbreak of seeing death. I worked on this cartoon for over three weeks to get Death drawn so he seems personable, and the dialogue to convey my sadness. Not many people outside of Kigoma knew of this job. Take time to pray for missionaries as they share the Gospel in difficult situations.

I would like you to comment on this cartoon. Thank you for sharing.

A Baptist Asks a Question?

classThis past May, I visited the church where I was in confirmation class. Back then, I was 19 and my hair may have been a little longer. I opted out on the very last class. Pastor and I disagreed on too many scripture interpretations. As one who has translated scripture into other languages, I know the importance of the work. Pray for missionaries as they speak in a new tongue.