A Baptist Sings in Tongues: Wimoweh


During our travels in Kenya and Tanzania we saw several lions, always snoozing in the warm African sun. Chapter 79 of Baptist Speaks in Tongues or doesn’t ends with the word Wimoweh. The word comes from the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight reminding me of our stay in Africa. Cindy and I are celebrating our 41st anniversary this weekend.

Swahili is a phonetic language like Spanish. In both of these languages I sang the songs correctly without always knowing the meaning of the words. I have sung in many languages out of tune. What would you do if I sang out of tune?

Like the lion, the zebra was one of my favorite African meats. Wimoweh.


First Blog

hodi2This is my first attempt to blog.  The drawing looks shaky because I retraced everything to get it to show up after being scanned. I am making a cartoon for each chapter in A Baptist Speaks in Tongues or doesn’t. This one is taken from chapter sixty-four (how many chapters does this book have?). No cartoons are in the book.

Sixty-eight cartoons have the dialog ready, but have not been drawn in the cartoon box form. I will try to put out two cartoons each week. The cartoon above is from our first morning in Kigoma, Tanzania when we heard a dialog (we had been in language school, so we knew what was being said). Someone was inviting someone into our house! After venturing out, I find an African Gray parrot speaking. The book is finished, but has not been printed. This blog has not been edited like the book.

I hope the cartoons will be self explanatory even without reading the book. Please make comments and share. Thank you.