A Baptist Speaks in the Wrong Language

DONT FALL INTO A HOLEPlease as you travel Europe, don’t be overly concerned about the holes. The chance of you falling into a hole in a country where you don’t speak any of the language is just one in seven. (The holes are deeper in Eastern Europe). Try as you travel to learn some of the language, it can benefit you greatly. I think the four people in box #2 are asking, “Need Help?”

While I wasn’t in a hole, I felt like I was in a hole when we first moved to Mongolia and Kenya. Pray for new missionaries as they are learning a new tongue so they can share the Good News in someone’s heart language. I am praying for Phay and Ckott as they continue to grow in a new language.

Saturday was the 164 annual Brunson reunion in Elba, Alabama. Meine Mutter, Gisela Brunson, 94, was the oldest to attend. I greeted my mother that morning in perfect German using the two phrases I have used thousands of times.