A Baptist Speaks in Your Heart Language

blog#4Your heart language is the language you speak growing up and use every day. I speak and understand 20-21th century Southern English. June 1971, I bought a Good News for Modern Man for thirty-five cents and WOW, the scriptures came alive. I read it from cover to cover in no time (I read other translations cover to cover).

My book editor enjoyed the Woweth (the book contains no cartoons). A Baptist Speaks in Tongues or doesn’t is my memiors about dealing with different languages and slightly bumps on some controversal subjects.

Many years ago I bought my mom a newer translation of the Bible in German. On the mission field I read and taught from the Swahili and Mongolian Bibles because those I taught spoke those languages. I skipped Greek and Hebrew in seminary, so I translated from English to Swahili. Comments welcomed.