Pre-tongue to the Tongue

text bookOur Mongolian text book in 1993 was written in Czech! My father-in-law spoke Czech, but Cindy didn’t. To understand the book better, first you learned Czech then Mongol. You heard it first used here: pre-tongue.


A Baptist Speaks About Others Who Spoke in a New Tongue

balaamThe disciples speaking in all those different languages on the day of Pentecost sounds so exciting. I used a little poetic license do draw Peter.

I am not sure which language the donkey spoke, maybe Moabitese, but not Hebrew since Balaam was not Hebrew. Your thoughts? If my donkey spoke, I would name him Grady. Always be in prayer for missionaries as they witness in another tongue.


A Baptists Speaks With a Lying Tongue


The seven Brunsons traveled by train from Ulaanbataar to Erdenet, Mongolia to visit our friends, Louise and Brian Hogan. Brian and I went to the outdoor market to buy beef for the Navaho tacos the women were preparing. We read the sign, so we knew what we were buying. We thought, they will never know. Box number 3 is just made to be funny; all enjoyed the horse meat tacos! A few years later in the USA, we may have served our church a thank you taco dinner using “the meat with a kick”.

I drew box #2 over and over again. I practiced drawing women’s faces over and over, but I have not arrived. The first hundred drawings looked like men with long hair. 4/10/17 I drew two women from the back.  Make it a taco day!

A Baptist Speaks Like a Local

winndixieThe three boxes tell a story you may understand without knowing a single word in German. Last week the story had four non-English languages and it still was funny. Danny is the other pharmacist who was responsible for training me to be a pharmacy manager at Winn Dixie. In the book, the customer is speaking another language.

My mother, now 94, grew up in Nazi Germany.  Wow, the stories my brothers and I grew up on. From traveling 120 miles to escape from East Germany to the West, being interrogated by Soviet troops for three days, going to hear Hitler speak, and loosing all her relatives except an aunt by war’s end. I haven’t cartooned chapter two yet, which is titled Meine Mutter Spricht Deutsch.



A Baptist Finds the Fountain of Youth

mommy.jpgIts true, try it and see if you don’t feel like a toddler again. Missionaries start at birth in a new language and start again as adult babies in a new language (sometimes more than once). Ask any missionary and they will tell you it is a humbling experience. I hid two punchlines from older blogs in the last box. I dabbled a little in computer coloring.

Thank you reading my 1st month of cartoons. I am learning something each time I sit in front of the three empty boxes. This blog will help you pray for the needs of missionaries and hopefully make you smile. Today I participated in the Leah Fun Run and was thankful it was a 3K rather than a 3 mile (I love Metric). I am available to speak on missions.

Updated to correct a word.

A Baptist Speaks in a New Tongue

three phrasesIn Honduras I used all three of these phrases in Spanish the first night at the restaurant. It was exciting to step across the language barrier and be understood. That was thirty years ago. My son Scotty and I traveled from Ulaanbataar, Mongolia to Ulan Ude, Russia knowing how to say in Russian: Hello, Thank You, and Five Bread. Most of these phrases should be said with a smile as in the cartoon.

The first phrases we learned in Mongolia were about buying food. Gonsuk taught me how to ask, “Do you have potatoes?” While “Jesus loves you” is very important, “How much are the eggs?” is also important. Most Baptist missionaries learn the language rather than rely on interpreters. While this is slower at first in ministry, it helps build personal relationships and makes you a part of the community.

Someone asked me yesterday, “How much is 110 kilograms?” I replied, “In the cartoon, my hair is still dark brown”.


A Baptist Speaks in Metric

kilosI like saying my weight in Metric. I just don’t want people trying to convert it to the English system. When living in most of the world, except for three countries, you must learn to speak the metric language. 60 liters fills up the car, 1 kilo fills up the sugar canister, 10 degrees you wear a sweater, 32 degrees you look for shade, and a football field is about 100 meters. I never did learn metric time.

I sit looking at three boxes and wonder what will appear. Can I tell a complete story in just three boxes? Will my humor connect with the reader? Is the cartoon true to a story in the book? I hope you enjoy the cartoon. Metric time is like regular time.





A Baptist Speaks Mongolian

preachingIt took a long time to get from box #1 to box #2 in the cartoon, and it took six months to get to box #1. First there was a private tutor, then language school, and then a private tutor again. I studied DAILY the whole time we were in Mongolia. The four sentences turned into a church. Each Sunday the lesson got longer and more people came, then I stepped out of the picture and started a second work. I was invited back to speak at Chinese Fellowship Church just before leaving Mongolia. While no one said out loud, “you received the gift of tongues”, there were Wows from those two Mongols who sat from the beginning and listened each Sunday as I struggled through a lesson. Tsitsik really said, “What happened to you!”, she had asked me many times to get an interpreter and now those words flowed for twenty long minutes.

A Baptist Speaks to God for Two Hours

prayer walkingMy buddy Duke and I prayed as we walked passed every house in my subdivision, if we saw toys in the yard, we prayed for the children and if their name was on the mail box, we prayed for the home by name. We didn’t stop or close our eyes as we prayed out loud taking turns. People who saw us thought we were walking and talking. Dr. Jonathan and I prayed walked through Ujiji, Tanzania a city that was 95% Muslim and walked by three Mosques. Once a care taker invited Cindy and I into a Mosque in Kigoma so we prayer walked on the tour without our shoes.

You can pray anytime, anywhere, for any reason, and for any amount of time. With prayer walking you set aside a time, you go to a certain place, for a certain reason, and for a certain amount of time. Me, I am good for about two hours max.