A Baptist Goes Door to Door

door to door 3.jpgCindy and I were in a neighborhood going door to door witnessing for our church. While the person in box three did not say, “You Baptists from Mars who may or may not speak in tongues”, he did slam the door. Ten years later we went door to door in the same city and saw several people accept Jesus. Matt 28:19-20. 


A Baptist Waits to Speak in Tongues

on holdA couple in our Sunday School class received the run-a-round about a purchase. The business would not honor the agreement. They returned and returned again. Frustration. As I sat in class my mind went to the drawing board. This is not from A Baptist Speaks in Tongues or doesn’t, but shows what just about everyone goes through some days with or without Prozac.

For those who tried to leave me a phone message, know about the different language options. Like the cartoon; pressing the key you want doesn’t get you English. Pray for missionaries as they share the Gospel in other languages.